Thursday, November 4, 2010

AEDM and NaNoJoumo

I didn't get around to posting last night, so here are my creations for AEDM and NaNoJoumo from the past three days. I haven't done anything for Day 4, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for that piece.

Day 3 Creation
"Good Day"-This really how I was feeling yesterday, full of bounce and life.

Day 2 Creation #2 -The colors were orange and turquoise.
I don't know why it looks brown and pale blue.
The message is "Regardles of whether or not you think you are
experiencing hell or heaven, God is ALWAYS around.
He travels along the journey with you."

Day 2 Creation #1- The message is "Shine your light in the midst of darkness".

Day 1 Creation- It's quite literal.
I was writing by candlelight when this came to mind.

In the dark
waiting for light
Just about to come
in a few hours.
How long can I wait?
Be patient my dear
the Lord has said to me.
I will Father.


  1. I love that piece at the top....all the bright, happy colors. You do such great digital art. I somehow just can't get the hang of using those programs!

  2. Janet, thanks! That makes me feel good. There is much to learn in digital art just like other forms.